Founded in 2009.

During the post internet media crisis & credit crunch we have steered a calm passage into turbulent waters. With over 25 years of publishing experience ranging across print, digital, events and TV platforms, we have applied these learnings to a mix of electronic, live interactive and print media marketing solutions. These platforms provide their consumer audiences, partner events and advertisers with unique content that is relevant in the post digital revolution age.

Who we reach & how.

We know who we’re reaching, how many of them and what they are interested in. By interacting with passionate consumers at high profile events and via our publications & events we have built unique, trusting relationships which benefit our clients directly. It’s an ideal multimedia communication mix.

A compulsive adventurer and nature addict whose life ambition is to use positive media to motivate people to “get off the couch” & make the world healthier and less polluted.

Soft sell is deep sell.

Not many of the current proliferation of media platforms can deliver this sort of brand and content related message absorption without large wastage. These customers are elusive and brands are seeing diminishing returns from high cost high frequency print or TV ad campaigns. In this day and age of heightened environmental awareness, family & health values and stakeholder responsibility, leading brands simply cannot afford a sales orientated, shotgun approach to communication.

Wastage efficiency & niche penetration.

We are fortunate to have partnerships with niched, market leading events and unique brands that deliver the right audiences at the right time. As such we have been able to radically reduce wastage while still providing the potent marketing relationship that print and digital magazine publications as well as active family events deliver.

A perspective-altering piece is worth more for 10,000 in print than as a brief distraction for 100,000 online.

Our unique model.

This waste efficient, high niche penetration model provides our consumers, advertisers and sponsors with greater value than both traditional consumer print offerings and direct media channels.

Who is Paul.

Founder and Managing Director of Electric Ink Media has 25 years in the publication industry and 30 years as a competitive sportsman in multiple disciplines.  Passionate about using tightly niched media to motivate & empower people to experience & share the positive energy of an active lifestyle.

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