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Running is experiencing a boom that has little to do anymore with polyshorts and
string vests and everything to do with challenging workouts and an
aspirational lifestyle.

RUN magazine is a healthy, inspiring coach and buddy to runners who want to get fit, fast and challenge themselves.

We celebrate running with emotive, image-driven content, inspiring lessons from like-minded athletes and put running gear to the test. 

Why? Because we want to make the difference between going out to face the elements versus opting to skip the run and regret it later.

We look forward to working with you.

Why a running magazine?

We know running is hard work. We celebrate honest emotion – a runner in tears at the finish line, the disappointment of a fallen Olympian, the elation of a personal best or a sunrise selfie – because that makes running beautiful too. Likeminded, ambitious runners share the lessons they learned, their favourite places to run and the races they’re training for. Experts debunk the science of training, sports psychology, strength and nutrition to help you run optimally, from childhood to

your veteran years. Which brands marry tech with high-fashion? Should you go for carbon-plated running shoes, lessor more cushioning? What does a running power meter do? What do you eat and when? We put running gear to the test, explain how to use it and why it makes your running better.

Trust us: RUN magazine will make all the difference between going out and facing the elements head on and deciding to skip your run altogether only to regret it later.

Marketing and distribution

RUN magazine is a 130+ page, high-gloss, large-format magazine, which is sold on newsstands nationally for R79.90. We’re working on a tight butt & strong heart, chasing endorphins, outside. Sometimes we’re silly, often brave. We choose the path less travelled and make time for beer after a big run.

Fast Facts

Rates: R28 500 excl. VAT


SPRING ISSUE –  On sale: 28 July 2021

SUMMER ISSUE –  On sale: 15 December 2021

Advertising Contacts

Jono le Roux:
083 324 6576 | 021 438 5972


Publisher: Paul Ingpen
082 990 8408